Adventures in Electricity

Well, here’s my second post using the phone. I still HATE this keyboard with a passion but at least the phone gives me words based on what I’ve typed (or mistyped, for that matter).

Today I was at Safeway getting cheap dinner and my phone starts ringing. Of cpurse by the time I get it out of my purse the call has gone to voicemail. Luckily the caller was in my contacts and I could call right back.

Amazingly enough it was the credit manager at my utility company (Central Electric Co-op) and she was not calling to tell me that they were going to turn off my electricity (yet anyway).

She and I had talked last Wednesday and she gave me til last Friday to come up with the slightly over $40.00 that I need to keep going with my contract
I’ve been trying to contact a local charity (Willing to Help) since September 5th but it turns put that they aren’t going to be opening again until early October.

The credit manager told me that she had noticed that I was using a CPAP machine and nocturnal oxygen so she had called Neighbor Impact (another local charity) and discussed the situation with them. They told her that they might be able to help me and that I should call them.

So I called Neighbor Impact and left them a message. Hopefully this will work out.

Sorry for any errors in this post–this keyboard is a complete and total pita (and I do NOT mean the bread).

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