Not that anybody is reading or paying a bit of attention to my comments about comments.

That much is clear from the comments I keep getting even after the earlier post about relevancy, 90% of the comments I get are either totally irrelevant bull fecal material like this one (I keep listening to the news speak about getting free online grant applications so I have been looking around for the best site to get one.:) or they are flat out spam.

If you want to use my blog to get traffic to your blog or online earning opportunity, that’s fine.

I’d be happy to backlink to VALID sites that have something to do with MY blog or MY posts.

Or if you are a friend of mine I’ll link to your blog too (check the sidebar for Snoopy’s Doghouse and My Money Pit, both excellent blogs owned by friends of mine).

I might even be willing to add your Amazon or Ebay stores to my sidebar (the one there right now is mine, you could look around and buy something ROFL)

I’d recommend however that you actually READ the topic/post you are commenting on before making the comment, as the comment quoted above about the free online grant applications had absolutely NOTHING to do with the topic at hand, namely the “Bait and Switch, Done Sears Style” post from late last year.

I will trash irrelevant comments in a heartbeat.  I will delete out and out spam comments even faster.

Try getting traffic to your blog or earning opportunity or online store or whatever you are promoting by busing legitimate sources and by  making intelligent, relevant comments at other blogs/sites.

Oh I guess that’s just too much work for most of you, and apparently a lot of you also think this woman is stupid enough to approve everything even if its in a foreign language, links to a site that doesn’t load or is clearly a scam, makes no sense at all relative to THIS blog, or is coming from an IP known to be used by spammers and cheaters.

I am so sorry to disappoint all you lazy jerks who don’t want to do HONEST work to get traffic to your sites, but my mama didn’t raise no fool.

Irrelevant comments will be trashed.  And the decision is mine (and it is FINAL) as to what is relevant and what is not.

Here’s a few guidelines though

1) If your comments have nothing to do with what I posted, move on to some other blogger who doesn’t care about relevance.

2) If your comments address me as sir or refer to me as male, bugger off.  I am female.  I was born female and will remain female until the day I die!

3) If your comments are replying to some other comment made by another person on this site, relevance still matters.

4) None of my posts contain any advice at all.  Therefore ANY comment saying good advice, bad advice, or anything else about advice is deemed to be totally irrelevant and will be trashed in a nanosecond if not faster

5) If your comment is nothing but “not what I was looking for when I googled” ask yourself, who cares that you googled?   I sure don’t.  It’s an irrelevant comment made by somebody who doesn’t have the imagination or desire to respond to what he/she actually found.

Spam comments will be treated as spam and will not be published.  The decision is mine (again it is FINAL) as to what is and isn’t spam

1) If your comments are in any language other than English, I cannot read them, I will not run them through any online translator, and therefore they will be treated as spam.

2) If the site you want me to backlink to is not acceptable to me (includes but is not limited to the following 1) doesn’t load–or takes forever to load or 2) is an obvious scam site or 3) is nothing but a banner farm or is 4) a parked domain or search engine) your comment will at the very least be trashed.

2a) Depending on the content of the comment and quality of the site in question, your comment may be treated as spam.

3) If your IP tracks back to a hosting company that is known to allow spamming/scamming your comment will be treated as spam no matter how relevant or irrelevant it may be to the content of MY post

4) If your comment is nothing but unrelated words strung together (in my world we call that gibberish) it will be treated as spam

I welcome and appreciate relevant well thought out comments or questions–again in English only.  If in doubt about the quality and/or relevance of YOUR comment, check the posts that have approved comments.

Don’t bother looking around the site for the “I keep listening to the news speak about getting free online grant applications so I have been looking around for the best site to get one” comment because I trashed it.  What, you thought I’d really let a totally irrelevant comment get posted?  Not in this lifetime, and probably not in the next either

Do I have to approve the comments of every intelligence-challenged googler, clueless fool, lazy internet marketer and spammer who happens onto this blog? I DON’T THINK SO!!

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