Mother Revisited…Or MY Privacy Just Isn’t Important

I discovered tonight that my mother in her delusional rampage on Thursday night actually gave out my cell phone number to a friend and presumably to the Bend Police Department too.

Did she have my prior permission to do so? Of course not.

A little thing like MY privacy isn’t important to her, but if I gave her phone number to someone else without HER permission, all hell would break loose.

She has a problem with the fact that the cousin who supposedly admitted her to the funny farm (another delusion/lie on my mothers’ part) and I email each other.

We don’t email each other often and usually our emails are indeed about my mother because my mother did some weird things before this last “call the cops because she’s not answering her phone” craziness.

My mother feels that our emailing each other about her is a violation of HER privacy.

This is a woman who has violated every confidence I’ve ever told her in the last 30 years–even when she agreed to keep it to herself–and when called on it, she always says stuff like “you have no right to tell me what to discuss with your (grandmother) (father) (whoever).”

Maybe not, but I do have a right to expect that when I ask her to not tell other people something I’ve confided in her and she agrees to not divulge the information that she will abide by our agreement.

But when I don’t answer my phone or return her phone calls, she feels perfectly justified in giving out MY phone number to my friend without my permission (if I wanted this friend to have my cell phone number I would have given it to her, she already has my landline number).

The other missed call was the same night as all the craziness and the logical assumption is that it was the Bend Police Department since who else would have been calling at 9:30 pm?

Did my mother even think before giving the police my cell phone number–again without my permission–that maybe just maybe they didn’t need to know that number?

My mother is nothing but a insensitive, insulting, and rude troublemaker who has no concern for the rights, feelings, or emotions of anyone but herself.

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