Comments Revisited..Spam, Rudeness and Irrelevant Comments Will NOT Be Approved.

Comment #1 re finding Melody Hendrickson: I’m happy with Google Ad Sense.  I won’t be adding Pay Per Click (PPC) to the blog anytime soon, and I won’t be promoting PPC, SEO, PTR, etc either as I’m not interested in losing my Google Ad Sense account.

Don’t bother looking for your comment on my blog, I trashed it.

And what pray tell does that rather spammy comment have to do with finding Melody Hendrickson?  Not a darn thing, so the comment was lucky to be just trashed and not treated as spam.

I don’t much care that your ‘crazy Russian friend’ supposedly makes three dollars a day from the PPC link you spammed my blog with, and if you had the brains god gave a goose you would already know that a blog that runs Google Ad Sense (those ads running down the side of my blog? or were you just too busy spamming your link to even LOOK at anything on my blog?) isn’t going to be interested in PPC.

Comment #2 on the Bait and Switch Done Sears Style: Don’t you think that if I was interested in commercial roofing it might be mentioned somewhere on the blog? “good god, this post deserves nothing”

Good god, how rude especially when you are trying to get a backlink to YOUR site.

Well buddy your comment and your attempt to get a backlink to a totally non-related site where the business is TWO THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY (yes, 2390) miles away from my geographical location deserves less than nothing and that’s why your comment was trashed.

Your site clearly states you only serve the Chespeake, Suffolk, and Portsmouth (Virginia) area, so why would a blogger in Oregon be interesting in backlinking to you? Oh I forgot, its much easier to get backlinks if you don’t consider irrelevant (only in YOUR opinion) things like distance and geographical location.

My local readers in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, maybe Alaska) and Canada aren’t going to be interested in a business clear across the country from them as I’m sure they can find commercial roofing contractors right where they live.

A lot of my valid comments come from other countries (Spain, Mexico, Canada, Germany, etc) and why would they be interested in a USA commercial roofing company?

Most of the rest of my readers seem to be spammers who–like you–are only interested in a backlink to their site(s) whether or not it has anything to do with my site or my posts (for example, what the heck does Sears have to do with commercial roofing???).

Comment #3 on the Being Nice Just Does Not Pay: what does my experience at a grocery store have to do with scholarships??

Not a darn thing unless you are trying to get a backlink for your totally unrelated site and have failed to read my posts about comments (IE I read them all and I don’t willy-nilly backlink to anybody just because they leave a comment).

If your comment is rude or irrelevant, please move on to some blogger that auto-approves.  If your comment is just plain spam, just move on period

Am I going to allow spam, rudeness, irrelevancy, and backlinks to spammy/irrelevant sites? I DON’T THINK SO.


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