Caring About Criticism…..

I’ve been musing lately on why only one organization felt the need to respond here at this very blog to IMO valid criticisms.

I mean, really, I’ve trashed several organizations–both local and national– since October 2009 when I first started posting and only John Farwell at Bend Broadband felt compelled to not only respond but respond repeatedly to the point of harassment.

I’m thinking that most of the other companies are too busy actually running their companies to be concerned about a Google alert on one post from one lone blogger in Bend, Oregon.

I’m thinking that some of the other companies actually have other ways to find out how their customers think they are doing (for example, the phone survey I received from Dish Network after the great ‘my DVR has been stolen’ debacle) without resorting to harassment of those who are unhappy with them.

I’m thinking that most of the other companies actually understand that not all of their customers are going to be happy with them all the time.

I’m thinking that most of the other companies actually don’t have the time, the inclination, or the staff to respond to Google alerts at 5:00 am.

I’m also thinking that if the other companies did respond, they would address MY issues and MY complaints, not post 2 full length advertisements for their products/services and get mad when I took exception to them using MY blog to push their products.

I’m also thinking that if they did respond 3 times using work-related email addresses, and the blogger finally told them to cease and desist, they would do so.

John Farwell just couldn’t leave it alone, he had to send one final email so he could have the last word. I’d call that a hollow victory because of the damage he’d already done to Bend Broadband’s reputation.

Stopping contact when asked to do so  is the difference between people at professionally run companies and John Farwell.

I am trying not to let my experience with John Farwell color my overal feelings about Bend Broadband but its difficult at best

Does John Farwell have even a fraction of a tiny clue about the damage he did to Bend Broadband’s reputation by his continued harassment, sarcasm, insulting comments, and all around nastiness?  I DON’T THINK SO!!

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