Telemarketers Again

So I made the mistake of signing up for yet another job site, Resume Bucket.

What I think is cool about this site is they give you a personalized url to promote that shows your resume.

What I don’t think is cool about this site is that I got two telemarketing calls yesterday after I signed up for Resume Bucket.

I don’t know if Resume Bucket gives out the phone number or not, as I hung up on both telemarketers before they had a chance to give me their spiel.

And I am registered at a lot of other job sites (,,,, and just to name a few) that could have given out my landline number.

What I find most frustrating about this situation is that I cannot give the job sites a fake phone number as that would just be shooting myself in the foot (or other somewhat lower body part–insert evil grin here!)  in regards to potential employers contacting me.

And even though I am on the federal no-call list, I do not know if this situation is covered by that list.  Yes, they are still telemarketers BUT are they presenting themselves as such to the job sites? And did I or did I not agree to contact from other non-employer/potential employer entities by signing up with the job sites?

I am considering two possible solutions here.

1) As most potential employers would not be calling on a Sunday, I am thinking of letting the fax machine beep deafen these charming people.  I think one time of that happening would get me put on THEIR no-call list.

2) I am going to buy a whistle. The next time I get a telemarketer call, I will tell them to stop calling me. If they argue, or if they call again, whistle gets deployed.

Either way, they get deafened and I get some peace and quiet.  Its a win-win situation for me, and I could care less about them.


  1. What has once worked for me was saying in a totally serious voice “Did you know that Washington State has recently introduced death penalty for telemarketing?” The woman actually _apologized_ and never called again. So, insert “Oregon” instead of “Washington” and try it ;-).

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