Food Stamp Blues

Now I didn’t like applying for food stamps very much, but that is NOT why I am singing the blues about them.  On the contrary, the process of applying, getting approved, and getting my EBT card was pretty painless.

My first shopping trip with the EBT card on the other hand was embarrassing and humiliating.  I sincerely hope that the young man at the NE Bend Safeway store (3rd Street and Franklin) who caused this experience has a chance–soon–to go through what he put me through.  It would be even better if I was present to see the rude young man receive his comeuppance!

As I applied for the card late in the month I only had $53.00 on the card (a weeks’ worth of benefits). I don’t add up what I am purchasing in my head or using a calculator.  I just buy what I need or want and go from there.

It turns out that my EBT-eligible balance was $66.00 and some change, and the EBT card was rejected because again I only had $53.00 on the card.

I had assumed that the cash register would just apply the EBT balance to the total due and then I could put the rest on my debit card.  Well, that was wrong.

And the charming young man who was checking my groceries was rude about it too, acted like I should put the entire amount on my debit card just because I was inconveniencing HIM.  Finally, he grudgingly agrees to manually apply the $53.00 on my EBT card against the total balance.

By this point I am so flustered and embarrassed that I accidentally dropped the card on the floor.

And that was the final straw for me.  I do NOT swear in public.  I may have the biggest potty mouth in the country when I am in private, I may swear like a trooper at home, but the most you will hear from me in public is “darn.”

As I bent over to pick up the card, I said –with no conscious thought and no intention to swear –“son of a BITCH” loud enough for everybody in the store to hear.  Personally even though I was referring to dropping the card AND being embarrassed/humiliated in public, I really do hope the rude checker thought I was calling him a “son of a bitch.”  It was the least he deserved after what he did and said to me.

Will I ever knowingly go through the rude young man’s checkout line again? I DON’T THINK SO.

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