No You May NOT Use My Information Elsewhere

Hi there may I use some of the information here in this post if I provide a link back to your site?

The answer to that question is no.

Given the fact that 97% of the posts here are MY experiences, MY perceptions, MY feelings, and MY opinions, there is no need for anyone to use them anywhere else.

How could they verify the ‘information’ unless they live with me?

Perhaps my cats–the only entities living with me for the last nearly 3 years–have inexplicably learned how to clone themselves or assume human form and then somehow teleport the clones/human forms to China??

These are animals that can’t even drive a car, although one of them keeps trying to steal my car keys, my cash, and my debit card!

If they were smart enough to clone themselves or assume human forms they would also be smart enough to clean their own litter boxes and fill their own food/water dishes plus fill the garbage bags every Wednesday morning (not to mention hauling them out to the curb!).

Or just maybe the commenter is
1) capable of invisibility or
2) is my father reincarnated (he died in 2007 and is one of only two people who have ever lived with me or vice versa since 1989) or
3) is my godmother reincarnated (she died in 2008 and is the other person who has ever lived with me or vice versa since 1989) or
4) somehow Bend, Oregon has transmogrified overnight into Beijing, China???

There is no way for anybody who does not live with me to verify the ‘information’ in question (after all, the ‘information’ in question was about my experience with Bend Broadband — which provides services serves to central Oregon [Bend, LaPine, Sisters, Redmond, Black Butte, Prineville, Powell Butte, Culver, Madras, Metolius, Sunriver, and Terrebonne] ONLY so why would somebody in China even care?)

97% of the posts here are opinions, perceptions, feelings, experiences that apply to only one person in this universe, and that one person is not now nor has she ever been in China!

So no you (and I mean you in the general sense, not just the commenter quoted above) may not use my experiences, opinions, feelings, perception, etc elsewhere unless otherwise stated.

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