Do I Care if You Poor Whiners Don’t Like Censorship????????

Why did you delete my comment? Nice censorship you have here.

When YOU personally pay for the domain and the hosting plus do all the work involved in running this site plus actually live with me, then you can tell me what comments to approve or not.

If you had a blog you would do the same thing, and you would call it protecting your own interests not censorship

I guess you didn’t bother to read the disclaimer and warnings page which you could find here (of course that’s presupposing that you can even read, and that’s a real stretch).

Here’s a partial list of what will never be approved here.

1) Any comments that are adult in nature –either in url or content– will be treated as spam. Adult content includes–but is not limited to–gambling (including sport betting), sexually oriented comments, webcams, massage services, enlargement medications or methods, escort services, massage, and pornography.

2) Any comments pushing your affiliate program or earning opportunity regardless of whether or not it is relevant to the post you are commenting on will be treated as spam. If I was interested in your affiliate program or earning opportunity I’d probably already have signed up under somebody else–somebody who has the brains and common courtesy to not SPAM me at my blog.

3) Any comments that are in a foreign language (any language other than English) will be treated as spam

4) Any comments including the words mate, guys, dude, sir, or other references to the male gender will be treated as spam. When every page of this blog says at the very top “OPINIONS of An Assertive Fluffy Old LADY” referring to me as male proves the commenter can’t read English at the very least, and probably is a spammer at the worst.

5) Any comments insulting me will be treated as spam.

6) Any comments originating from servers/hosts/ip addresses known to allow spam, spam bots, and/or other threats to online security will be treated as spam

7) Any comments that are exactly the same in content and/or url will be treated as spam.

8 ) Any comments accusing me of plagiarism will be treated as spam

9) Any comments insinuating that I am not the writer of this blog will be treated as spam.

10) Any comments/urls promoting cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, illegal drugs, gaming, any form of prescription medication (other than the medicines I take myself), any form of birth control, abortion, any type of weapons, ugg boots, ed hardy, thomas sabo, foreclosures, short sales, rihanna (naked or not), kim kardashian, abercrombie and fitch, grant applications, and any form of insurance will be treated as spam (this list subject to additions as needed)

11) Any comments that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic being commented on (ie asking about shipping to Canada on the Resume Doctor post) are totally irrelevant, are adding nothing of value to the blog, and will be treated as spam.

12) Any comments that are nothing but gibberish will be treated as spam

13) Any comments stating that I should change hosts because the blog is down all the time are outright lies and will be treated as spam

You can call it censorship, I call it MY DOMAIN MY HOSTING MY BLOG MY RULES. If you don’t like it here–there are plenty of other blogs out there for you to spew your comments complaints spam and otherwise unacceptable bullshit.

Here –at this blog– its my way or the highway!!

Do I care if this insults or offends or upset poor whiny crybaby spammers? I DON’T THINK SO!!


  1. “Why did you delete my comment? Nice censorship you have here.”

    I repeatedly get this comment on my blog. This is really annoying. They seem to be using automatic softwares to send such comments.

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