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Any brand names mentioned in this blog are the sole property of their respective owners,

ETA April 16, 2010:

Any statements made by me on any pages of this blog are simply my opinions and my experiences.

Opinions are by definition subjective and therefore cannot be held to some accuracy or objectivity standard

As such, my opinions are not required to be accurate for ALL customers of ALL businesses/industries/organizations/individuals mentioned in any posts.

Anybody who thinks that an OPINION, EXPERIENCE, or FEELING needs to be accurate and objective needs to go to journalism school and pay particular attention to the definitions of OPINION and SUBJECTIVE.

Since I live in the USA where free speech is guaranteed by the first amendment to the United States Constitution, I will continue to post my opinions, my feelings, and my experiences freely and without censorship .

I do not care whether or not that pleases all my readers/commenters, as they do not pay my hosting for this blog nor do they live my life.

Any experiences posted on the pages of this blog are my experiences and filtered through my perceptions.  Therefore, they are also subjective and cannot be held to any standards of accuracy and/or objectiveness.

Any comments from anyone that are putting me down for my opinions, my experiences, or my feelings will from April 16, 2010 be treated as trash.

Differing opinions, experiences, or feelings are more than welcome, however condescension, smart-ass comments, and rudeness are NOT.

ETA: April 21, 2010

Also, any comment whose sole goal is to blunt my criticisms are not welcome and will from April 21, 2010 onwards be treated as spam.

Any comments advertising irrelevant websites will be treated as either trash or spam depending on the website and quality of the comment.

Any comments about any form of insurance have been treated as spam for months now. These types of comments are by definition irrelevant since none of my posts deal with insurance. Would it kill ya’ll to actually read?

Any links to websites that I don’t care to advertise such as electronic cigarettes (or the real ones for that matter) will be treated as spam.

Any comments that are nothing but advertising for any site or business will be treated as spam unless of course the poster wants to pay for the domain renewal and then pay for both my hosting bill and my monthly ISP bill.

Any comments that are adult in nature –either in url or content– will be treated as spam. Adult content includes–but is not limited to–gambling (including sport betting), sexually oriented comments, webcams, massage services, escort services, and pornography.

Any comments that are in a foreign language (any language other than English) will be treated as spam

Any comments that are about any form of medication will be treated as spam

ETA: July 19, 2010
Any comments pushing your affiliate program or earning opportunity regardless of whether or not it is relevant to the post you are commenting on will be treated as spam. If I was interested in your affiliate program or earning opportunity I’d probably already have signed up under somebody else–somebody who has the brains and common courtesy to not SPAM me at my blog.

ETA: August 5, 2010
I do not care whether people who leave comments concur with my OPINIONS. They were not here, they did not have my experience, they do not live with me (unless they have developed the art of invisibility) and their irrelevant comments about MY experiences and MY opinions and MY perceptions are just that: irrelevant comments — and they will probably be treated as spam since they are not adding anything of value to the blog.

ETA: August 7, 2010
Unless otherwise stated, the only person allowed to use ANY of the information posted on this site is the author of the site (namely, me!!). As all the posts other than two (goose shit and career builder getting in on the act) are MY opinions (no research) there is no need for anyone else to post MY opinions to their sites with or without my permission.

ETA: September 14, 2010
Any comments including the words mate, guys, dude, sir, or other references to the male gender will be treated as spam. When every page of this blog says at the very top “OPINIONS of An Assertive Fluffy Old LADY” referring to me as male proves the commenter can’t read English at the very least, and probably is a spammer at the worst.

Any comments insulting me will be treated as spam.

Differing opinions are fine; being rude hateful and insulting (on MY nickel, since the commenters do NOT pay for the hosting or domain) is not acceptable and will be deleted.

ETA: October 1, 2010
Any comments accusing me of plagiarism will be treated as spam.

ETA: October 2, 2010
Any comments insinuating that I am not the writer of this blog will be treated as spam.

ETA: May 27, 2011

Any comments promoting You Tube videos will be treated as spam UNLESS the commenter clearly shows that the video is relevant to the topic being commented on.

ETA: August 13, 2011

Any comments with derogatory names for any race religion color creed gender sexual orientation etc will be treated as spam. Take your nastiness elsewhere!

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