This is HILARIOUS…..

So I am job hunting (still) and go to check out the online classified ads in the Bend Bulletin (my local newspaper). I see an opening for an administrative assistant at Powell Butte Community Charter School complete with url so I go check it out. The website I landed on was for Parkway Baptist Church… Continue reading This is HILARIOUS…..

Truth In Advertising

I get this lovely email from today. “617 headhunters want your resume” Yeah, right.  What it means is wants your $49.99 (minimum) to buy a pig in a poke. Or you can get automatic redistribution in 30 days for another $29.00 (the $49.99 only covers sending out your resume once), a confidential email… Continue reading Truth In Advertising

Telemarketers……..Really Really SUCK!!

Friday afternoon (April 23, 2010) I was taking a nap when the phone (landline) rang. Now normally I let the fax machine beep scare off any callers on that line, but since I’ve started sending out resumes and applications I thought perhaps one of the places I contacted wanted to set up an interview. I… Continue reading Telemarketers……..Really Really SUCK!!

What Exactly Was the Point of EVEN Putting an Email Address in the Ad?

Yesterday evening (February 24, 2010) I sent a resume via email to a local company.  Today I got a response which left me totally shaking my head over more than just one issue with this company. “Thank you for your interest in the Inbound Computer/Phone Tech Support position.  Please come to the center at 501… Continue reading What Exactly Was the Point of EVEN Putting an Email Address in the Ad?