Thank You Ever So Much (NOT!!)

Thank you ever so much for making my yard sale a complete and total financial disaster.

I guess you just had to schedule your move into your house (across the street from me) on the very same day that there was a very well-publicized park-wide yard sale.

I will grant you that the yard sale would have been somewhat slow anyway. With the weather being so great after such a long cool spell people want to do other things.

But the traffic congestion caused by your numerous vehicles (3-4 at a minimum) and the HUGE U-haul truck (in addition to my Chevrolet S-10 being out on the street since I am trying to sell it!) made the situation even worse.

People were totally turned off at the very thought of coming down my street after that huge U-Haul truck ensconced itself right across the street from my truck — and the few that chanced it usually ended up with problematical parking. Nobody even wanted to WALK or BICYCLE up my street!

I heard you apologize to one of my customers because your vehicle was in their way. Did you ever think of apologizing to ME?—since it was MY yard sale you turned into a complete and total financial disaster.

Last year I made $650.00 over the two days of the same park-wide yard sale. I knew that I would make much less this year since I have fewer things to sell, however I was thinking I would make $50.00 at least.

Today I have made $10.75 and unless my truck sells I doubt that I will make much more than that. Nobody even saw my truck for half the day (the U-Haul rather blinded them to anything else, especially if they were driving a larger vehicle themselves) — so its probably a good thing I renewed the Craigs List posting for it.

So lets see, for that whopping $10.75 I moved my work schedule back 2 hours (from 9:00–11:00 am) and spent most of what time I had left either setting up for the yard sale or talking to the few customers I had.

I got no sleep last night, made no money today, and basically am thoroughly cheesed off with the whole situation!

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