The Knee Bone IS Connected to the Thigh Bone!!

And I know that title makes very little sense. Its a song here in the USA that really has been on my mind for the last 10 days or so.

On Saturday October 1 2011 I fell down while walking and banged the holy living crap out of my right knee. I was walking on asphalt, attempted to sit on a curb between the sidewalk and the Safeway parking lot, lost my balance on the way down, and landed on both hands and one knee. Much anglo saxoning (otherwise known as unladylike language aka CURSING!!) occurred, and the knee hurt like blazes.

What surprised me about the situation is that there was no visible bruising or bleeding and the skin wasn’t broken even though I had a LOT of pain and swelling–enough pain that on Monday October 3 2011 I went to see a doctor at Mosaic Medical.

After a physical examination of the knee on that Monday, and an x-ray on Tuesday October 4 2011 the knee was found to be ‘normal’ I guess swelling, limping, discomfort, and pain is considered ‘normal’ after a fall — at least in the medical world. They did prescribe Vicodin but only at night because of the sedative effect.

On Wednesday or Thursday (11/5/2011 or 11/6/2011) I started having a LOT of pain and discomfort in the upperest part of the thigh (in the area between the groin and the thigh).

My immediate assumption was that I had a bad skin rash or infection in the area, because that has happened before in that area of my body. Also the fact that the Vicodin was not touching the pain led me to believe it was something other than a muscular or bone injury. But I couldn’t see or find any evidence of said infection or rash.

So I grumbled and limped along until Monday October 10 and finally called to make another appointment with Mosaic Medical.

I saw one of their doctors yesterday and it turns out that ‘The Knee Bone IS Connected to the Thigh Bone’ LOL

What that means for me is that I was unconsciously walking differently in an attempt to compensate for the knee injury.

The different stance, more reliance on my non-dominant left leg, and attempts to minimize the pain/discomfort of the knee caused unusual stress on all the muscles from the knee up to the thigh/groin/hip area.

The hilarious thing is that I am supposed to ice the knee and heat the thigh/hip area (I said to the doctor, I don’t think I will try to do THAT simultaneously!)

This has played merry heck with my plans to start using the exercise bike again. I suppose I can still use the dumbbells and try to get my upper body strengthened while I wait for my lower body to heal

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