Great Customer Service From Cascades East Transit

Regular readers of my blog know that I don’t have a vehicle and am usually taking the bus wherever I need to go.

Yesterday (May 13, 2013) marked the first day of a new schedule for the bus I ride the most often. I knew the old schedule by heart (after all, I’ve been riding the bus for 2 1/2 years) but the new one had changed quite a bit and as it was only launched yesterday I haven’t had the time to memorize the new times.

No problem, thinks I, because the schedule is on the Cascades East Transit website. HA HA, the website was down. So I called the customer service line and they went above and beyond in helping me by scanning the bus schedule into an email and sending it to me.

Additionally, tomorrow one of the main streets that my bus normally uses is going to be closed for 3 months and I needed to know if that closure would affect my bus stop since I have a INR check tomorrow morning. They checked and told me that the only stop that will be affected is the one at the Bend Senior Center, which isn’t the stop I need.

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