Desperately in Need of Financial Help

Things have totally fallen apart since my last post….and now I need $104.00 for the electric bill (by September 10, 2013), I am losing my computer today or tomorrow (it is going back to Aaron’s (Lease to Own) unless I can pull some rabbit out of some hat and come up with $135.00 to make the monthly payment on it, and I am 8-9 months behind on space rent — my mobile home park manager will work with me if I can come up with 3 months of space rent (approximately $1200.00) by the end of September.

I have contacted 2 of 3 charities here in town for help with the electric bill, one can’t help me because they helped me in June, the other one doesn’t have any funding for anything other than food boxes, and the third one took the summer off (they were supposed to be back yesterday, but didn’t answer their phone yesterday morning or afternoon).

My ex-roommate gave notice on June 9, she had actually moved out at that time but much of her belongings remained in my house, and I discovered after she was arrested on July 7 that she had totally trashed the room including clothes, bird seed, bird feathers, and bird poop all over the floor. There are also holes in the wall and a lot of other damage to the room. Cleaning the room and house has been problematic because I have been ill after choking on a pill on July 27 that went into my lungs.

I have lost 3 jobs this summer, 2 online jobs where the work just ran out, and one offline job where I didn’t pass the second week of training (due to the great pill inhalation episode, I had to leave training often because I was coughing my head off and disturbing the other trainees). The offline jobs were not covered by unemployment benefits, and I made too little from the two weeks of training to be eligible for unemployment.

PayPal or Alert Pay (Payza) or Serve donations in any amount would be gratefully accepted. The email address for all of those accounts is

Suggestions on how to come up with the cash I need (other than selling my body, LOL) would also be welcomed. Please understand that I have no money right now so any suggestions involving membership fees will not work for me.


  1. I would start by reading the Bible and praying to Jesus and asking Him for help in getting wisdom. Read the book of Proverbs in the Bible as it gives you a lot of wisdom on how to budget your money properly. Also, you can always go to the library and use their computer for free. Did you ever think of that?

  2. put $60.00 (from online friends) on the electric bill. Returned the computer. If I end up being evicted September 30, will sell the house and find an apartment, but I do have a line on a possible roommate and possible jobs as well.

    Used another donation of $5.00 to buy a pack of daily bus passes.

  3. In response to David, how do you know that I am NOT praying? Assumptions, assumptions LOL.

    I’ve been using the computers at the library and the employment office since I returned the laptop to Aaron’s.

    Also, if I do get evicted I plan on selling most of my furniture and other things to get enough money for a cheap motel (homeless shelters don’t accept pets, and I won’t give up my cats) until the house sells.

    Budget my money? What money? Two paychecks since June 20 for a total of less than $1000.00. Last rent payment from a roommate was June 1, 2013. Ain’t no money coming in except $65.00 in donations, and some online earnings (less than $40.00)which I used for food.

  4. I just sent you a Fried Request at Facebook. Plese accept my request first name Sari. I may be able to help you but dont’t want to go public.

    G, siriina

  5. I think it is important for people in need to help each other. Hopefully things will improve for you soon. Do you use GPT sites? If so, check out the ones listed on payza. Good luck!

  6. Hi Suellen,

    Just gave you a random but unfortunately being on disability I do well to get along myself. Good luck sweetie and I’m praying for you.

    Love & Hugs
    LadyMadonna 🙂

  7. Hi Suellen,
    I know life can be pretty “uumphy” at times but just believe in yourself. You will pull thru this hard time. I have travelled down the same road and still do at times but survive.

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