More Craigs List Bushwa

First volley in the latest bullpucky round re Craigs List:

saw your advert few minutes ago. you should reach me at .I have a concert tonight and am setting up after work today, 6:00 to 10:30. I would come to your venue to view
it,if you’d like me to come check it out… Or, I will be home after that from 8:40-11:50 tonight. Would either of these times work for you? Please let me know; if you won’t be around

My reply:

We can set up a time for you to look at the quilt. Please be aware that I am requiring cash for all purchases, no checks accepted.

Philip Angel
7:33 PM (15 hours ago)

to me
Thanks for your response, I’m ok with the asking price and the
description stated so I would like to send payment asap to you via
UPS Next Day Air from my bank.
Please let me know if a certified check is ok.. After my check clears
my Mover will come and pick it up at your location… I would have
come and take a look of
it but I can’t… My business trip come earlier than I plan(on a
business trip ). If you can get back to me with your info below…
I’ll mail the check out asap. Need your FULL NAME to write on the
check and FULL ADDRESS with Apt #/suite # ,Your Cell Number and your
FINAL asking price…. to mail the check out asap. Thanks

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