Yearly Update

I didn’t realize that it had been nearly a YEAR since my last post.

Time freaking flies when you have a REAL job. Yes, boys and gerbils, Suellen has been working as a checker at Safeway for slightly over 6 months now.

I just got a HUGE raise too, from $9.35 per hour (just 10 cents over Oregon’s minimum wage) to $10.75 per hour.

I’ve also decided to go with the medical and prescription coverage provided by Safeway, since Oregon Health Plan –in its infinite wisdom — decided to terminate my coverage with no notice to me effective May 31, 2016.

Safeway insurance will cost me $7.00 per week, and while there may be a deductible, it is still better than trying to get through to Oregon Health Plan on the phone (don’t even think about their website because it is a JOKE).

I’ve had several roommates come and go since the last post as well. In September of 2015, my longest term roommate moved to California to help take care of her father.

I didn’t find another roommate until January of 2016, and he was a DISASTER. Worse than ‘Andrew’ “The Queen B’ and the Commoner put together. He or his friends stole almost $300.00 cash from me, and if I can’t trust his friends (who were all up in my house nearly every day) I certainly can’t trust him. Also, he or his friends let my cat Mick out…..was gone for 10 days and I was convinced he had passed away.

Two months after the theft, a friend of a friend moved in. She lasted 6 days. She let my cat Mick out at least 2 times in 6 days, stole toilet paper from my bathroom while I was at work, stole towels from the laundry room (she used them to wipe her ass with after the rest of MY toilet paper mysteriously HA HA disappeared), stole a plate and used it as an ashtray, hid the towels and plate in the garbage, broke an antique plate, and hid that in the garbage as well. She was smoking in my house, totally disregarding the “No Smoking, Oxygen in Use” sign posted prominently on the front door.

Her final act as she left (not having the courage to tell me face to face) was to leave a cigarette butt and a turd floating in the toilet. TACKY!

In March of 2016 (March 31st to be picky about it) I found my current roommate. Living with her is extremely challenging, and that is all I am going to say about that situation.

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