Another Yearly Update (This Seems to be a Pattern) LOL

Again I didn’t realize that I hadn’t updated this blog in over a year. Back when I started blogging I was updating the blog daily, sometimes more than once per day. Then again, I didn’t have a job and I also had a lot of blog material due to my various and sundry roommates (and my mother, my life in general, adventures with cops, etc).

A lot of the changes are referenced in the post directly below this one, but I did want to detail a few others mostly because the aforementioned post would have been 10 pages long (no joke) if I had included everything that has happened in the last year or so.

In July 2016 I posted that I had an impossible roommate and that was all I was choosing to say about that at the time (mostly because part of her impossible behavior was to stalk my social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook page, etc and make comments such as “Why do you call yourself a domestic goddess? You don’t do ANYTHING around the house”–said the woman who didn’t clean her bedroom even once in the 13 months she lived here–I only wish I was joking.)

I’m not going to spend time here rehashing everything she did or said in those 13 months, but I will say this much about her: she was an alcoholic with THREE convictions for drunk driving (breathalyzer in the car, lost her drivers’ license, the last DUI also included 2 charges of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, on probation, supposed to be completing community service, etc) CAN I PICK ROOMMATES OR WHAT? LOL.

She was also pushy, bossy, snoopy, rude, demanding, asked inappropriate and highly personal questions, lied more often than most people breathe, totally untrustworthy, and only understood boundaries as they applied to HER.

I finally grew a spine and evicted her May 1, 2017. I had another roommate lined up but she couldn’t move in until June 1, 2017, and it turned out that she was allergic to my cats so that fell through. At that point I decided NO MORE ROOMMATES (if I ever have a significant other, I would consider a roommate situation but that would be based on LOVE not my financial need.

I am currently one very happy lady nearly 90% of the time because I have my house to myself and because I have a job that I love!!

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