Being Nice Just Does Not Pay…..

Nice girls finish last, and that’s a fact.

The last two times I’ve tried being nice I’ve gotten taken advantage of.

And every time I let one vehicle out of a parking lot or a side street, five more drivers take advantage of my being nice.

First at Saint Vincent De Paul (back on March 29) the room was absolutely packed with people.  There were three of us (including me) standing right in front of the door.

I was standing to the side thinking the people next to me were in line and hadn’t gone through the check-in procedure yet.

Not only had they already gone through the procedure, the next people that came through the door had no compunction at all about assuming nobody was in line (in other words, she who hesitated lost her place in line!)

Then tonight I was grocery shopping at Safeway, where the limit for the express checkout is 15 items or less.

Although I only had 14 items, I had a shopping cart and the line for the express checkout was extending into the aisle.

If I had gone right into the line the cart would have completely blocked the aisle, so I was being nice/considerate/good citizen, standing back a bit so that me and my cart aren’t in anybody’s way.

This intelligence-challenged and rude male person came in from the other side, clearly assumes that I am not in line, of course couldn’t even be bothered to ask me if I am in line,  and probably would have thought that that cutting in front of me even if I was obviously in line before him was just fine and dandy anyway.

Now I was not in a good mood to begin with before the intelligence-challenged, rude, and insensitive jerk  cut in front of me and this just added to the total stress of my day.

So I turned around and pushed the cart down the nearest aisle.

Then– because I was so frustrated– I deliberately and with malice aforethought slammed the cart quite hard into the glass doors on one of the freezer cases.

Fortunately for me and for the store there was no damage to cart or doors. I’m not sure that anybody even noticed what had happened since I was the only person in the aisle in question.

I walked down to the end of the aisle, turned to the left, and then came up the next aisle back to the checkout area.

I ended up in the checkout stand next to the express checkout, and for some strange reason the person who cut in front of me wouldn’t even look at me.

I guess he was afraid I’d slam the cart into HIM next, and in my opinion he would have deserved it.

I’m beginning to think that being considerate of others is not only highly overrated but also very very stupid.

So am I going to be nice again?  I DON’T THINK SO.


  1. Well, at least the Safeway employees didn’t contribute their own this time. I’ve lately had a situation where, with a full cart (way more than 20 items) I was directed by a _Safeway_employee_ to the express checkout (which was empty, while there were lines at the regular ones and I had initially been standing at the end of one of these) and then told off by the checkout person (“Just for the future, when you have this many items, you should not come to the express checkout”).

  2. Well well – we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.
    Mommy just told me yesterday about an actually quite pleasant encounter of hers while grocery shopping. When she drove onto the parking lot, she chose a spot behind another car whose owner – an old lady – was just approaching with her cart.
    Mommy stepped out of the car, locked it and just went past the old lady only to be called back by her and thanked to have left a lot of space between her trunk and Mommy’s front end of the car, so that the old lady could conveniently load her groceries into the trunk.
    And to quote the nice lady: “A nice surprise like this is so rare nowadays” ^^

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