Freshly Made Salad, My Hind Leg

Safeway strikes again!

First off to get what I wanted I had to drive to two Safeway stores, one off of Highway 20 and the other at 3rd and Franklin.

One would think that if a store was going to sell shredded cheese at all, they would have more than one variety (mozzarella) available.

But the Highway 20 store only had shredded mozzarella while I was looking for shredded cheddar preferably the sharp variety.

They also didn’t have the large size of Stouffers macaroni and cheese (20 ounces for $2.79), only the smaller size (12 ounces for $2.49). The bigger package is the better buy.

One of the things I did find at the Highway 20 store (in their deli section) was a supposedly freshly made chef salad.

These have been downsized and are not cheap (they charge more for the smaller version than they used to charge for the larger version). That is neither here nor there though; what is germane to the discussion is that these salads are supposedly freshly made each day.

Freshly made? Then how come the hard-boiled egg halves were covered in ice? This ice isn’t melting very fast either even in 75+ degree heat, which makes me wonder exactly what is in the ice, and by extension what exactly is in the salad itself.

Freshly made? Then how come the lettuce is at least half frozen too? The salad has been sitting out in the 75+ degree heat too and still the lettuce is half frozen. And this salad was from a chilled (not frozen) deli counter.

Am I going to spend $4.99 ($4.49 with my Safeway club card) on a ‘freshly made’ salad from Safeway again? I DON’T THINK SO!!

Did I eat the ice-covered hard-boiled egg halves? I DON’T THINK SO!!

ETA: I returned the salad to the Safeway store and got a replacement. I opened it in the truck before heading for home, as the bottom felt awfully cold. The hard-boiled egg halves were again covered with ice. I gave up and got a refund.

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