I Hadn’t Noticed That Anyone Else Was Paying For the Hosting and Domain……..

Not many people would say this. Youve got some guts. I will say this, though. If you dont want to alienate any readers, youre gonna have to stop generalising so much. Maybe you should try seeing both sides of this issue instead of assuming that yours is the only valid opinion. Id still read it, I like the method that you write. But I can tell some people getting upset.

Maybe YOU should read all the disclaimers–as in this is MY blog, my opinions, my experience, my feelings, my perceptions, my reality. Mine and MINE alone.

Your input is inaccurate at best *rude at worst* because you choose to read ONE post out of SIX that were posted on the same day.

When YOU actually pay for the domain and the hosting and do the work to create the posts, and for that matter live MY life, you can tell ME what to say, what to post, how to feel, and what opinion to have.

I do not assume that my opinion is the only valid opinion, and the only person making assumptions here is YOU.

And what is the other side of the issue? There is no other side when all I am doing is expressing my feelings.

If anybody ever commented that they had the opposite experience (good to my bad, bad to my good) with ANY of the companies I have posted about (Sears, Del Taco, Burger King, AFLAC, Bend Broadband, Bend Memorial Clinic, Safeway, etc) I would be happy to approve the comment. My experiences are mine, other people’s experiences are theirs, and its possible that never the twain shall meet.

The only comments that haven’t been spam on the Bend Broadband posts–and boy do those posts get spammed, to the point I’ve seriously considered not allowing comments on posts that are over 14 days old– have been from either those in my local area looking for OPINIONS about Bend Broadband (after all my comments are still just an OPINION not the Gospel according to me!!) or the paid shill from Bend Broadband whose only purpose in posting 3 comments was to blunt my criticisms of Bend Broadband and discount my feelings about Dish Network.

I don’t have to like anything just because other people like it. I don’t have to blunt my opinions out of fear that somebody will disagree with me or get upset with the OPINION I am expressing.

Just for the record, I don’t actually dislike Bend Broadband all that much other than I feel that their pricing is outrageously high. I’ve even applied for several jobs with them which I would not do if I hated them, even in this lousy economy.

Maybe YOU should read that I was having a very bad day–maybe even a HORRIBLE day–BEFORE I even got the Bend Broadband bill.

Maybe YOU should read that my mother called the cops on me when I didn’t answer the phone.

Maybe YOU should read that my unemployment direct deposit was delayed by nearly a week.

Maybe YOU should read that my mother gave out my unlisted cell phone number to the Bend Police Department and a friend of mine without my permission.

Maybe YOU should read that John Farwell couldn’t be bothered to get my gender correct.


When you learn to read, and learn to stop taking things out of context, maybe I’ll learn to care what you have to say. Then again I DON’T THINK SO!!

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