Hmmm I Guess Bend Broadband Moved to THE NETHERLANDS!!

How could you be so sure about what you’re saying, i know for a fact that you’re wrong especially in the first section of your post, try Google and you see where you at fault.

How does some intelligence challenged and very rude person from THE NETHERLANDS know anything at all about a internet service provider that only serves a small part of OREGON?

For your information, Oregon is in the United States of America and is literally thousands of miles from The Netherlands. Oh did you not know that Word Press provides me with your IP and YOUR internet service provider????

How does an intelligence challenged and very rude commenter from THE NETHERLANDS have a clue about MY opinion of the self same internet service provider (again, this internet service provider serves only a small part of Oregon–namely Bend, Black Butte, Prineville, Redmond, Culver, La Pine, Madras, Metolius, Powell Butte, Terrebonne, Sisters)

I can be so sure about what I am saying because–as mentioned at least 15,000 times–this is an OPINION blog.

My OPINION is not right or wrong, it just is.

And I fully understand that other people in Central Oregon may or may not have the same opinion of Bend Broadband; it is just that most of the comments on this topic have not been from Central Oregon residents. The comments have been from people located halfway across the world (like the intelligence challenged and very rude person from The Netherlands) or they have been out-and-out spam with no relevance at all to the post.

I would be more likely to approve further comments from John Farwell himself than I would be to approve spam comments or those that are rude/insulting/off topic/not from residents of Central Oregon (or those thinking of moving to Central Oregon).

And here’s the part of the original post that the intelligence challenged commenter from halfway around the world (who again knows NOTHING about Bend Broadband, or their prices, or their service, or their customer service, or their policies) says is WRONG.

I even said in that post it was my opinion. Again, opinions are not right or wrong, they just are.

I cannot begin to count the ways in which I think my local cable/internet/telephone provider sucks.

Their customer service people, particularly in the billing department, are rude and incompetent. They are in my honest opinion also as useless as tits on a boar.

Their prices are literally outrageous, but I guess when you have no competition other than satellite companies you don’t have to charge reasonable prices.

The commenter knows NOTHING for a fact because he lives halfway across the world and knows NOTHING about Bend Broadband.

Perhaps the commenter should use Google himself to look up several things: Oregon, Bend Oregon, Bend Broadband, Dish Network, the distance between say Amsterdam and Bend Oregon, the United States of America.

Then again that presumes that the commenter knows how to use a computer for anything other than spamming other peoples blogs!! That presumption is in my honest opinion highly unlikely since first he’s rude, second he’s insulting, third he has no clue that Word Press provides me with his IP and ISP, and fourth he’s WRONG WRONG WRONG.

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