Now This Person is Beyond STUPID

While I have to disagree on a little bit of the info, but this was a great post. I look forward to looking at more of your posts.

the post in question is totally nostalgic and totally feeling-oriented except for a few FACTS: the Pine Tavern (a full service restaurant in Bend, Oregon) DOES have a 200-300 year old Ponderosa Pine tree growing through its roof. Tom McCall WAS the governor of Oregon for 8 years (1967-1975).

This idiot did NOT ever live with me and I know that for a fact–so he has nothing to agree or disagree on, unless of course he’s my stepmother or my father reincarnated. Neither of them would come back as such a total retard (they were both very intelligent people in life, I don’t imagine that God or the ultimate creator or whoever you believe in would send them back as a total idiot!).

And how can he disagree on PROVEN facts, since we’ve already determined that his disagreeing with MY experiences and feelings is beyond stupid (it goes so far as to be totally ludicrous!)

If you cant make an intelligent comment, don’t make any comment at all.

If you never lived with me, don’t tell me that you disagree with what I say happened to ME (and here’s the deal, the only people I ever lived with –other than my mother who doesn’t have a computer– are DEAD AND BURIED, or cremated, and have been for several years, so unless YOU have *verifiable* proof that you are the reincarnation of any of these people please just STFU and go spam somebody’s else blog!!)

*verifiable* a written letter from the creator of the universe would be acceptable. And don’t bother just signing it God either because if you are God I am the Man in the Moon.

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