Odesk/GDEV/Everest–Is ANYBODY listening?

An employee (Jeni Olomon) of GDEV/Everest Software (who does much of their staffing through O-desk) is repeatedly spamming me with requests to assist a customer.

I call this spam because GDEV/Everest Software terminated my contract nearly 4 months ago (December 10, 2010). I feel that my personal information should have been removed from GDEV/Everest Software immediately after my contract was terminated.

I also find it disturbing that these emails include Everest Software customer information, including but not limited to customer names, contact names, email addresses, and updates to their installations. This employee is IMO violating customer confidentiality by sending these types of emails to terminated contractors.

For the amount that GDEV/Everest Software charges their customers for maintenance agreements and customer service, the very least those customers should receive/expect is that their company information be kept confidential.

To have their information forwarded to terminated contractors is exceedingly poor customer service at best and a violation of confidentiality at worst.

I contacted O-desk to complain about the spamming. Even after telling O-desk that I had no way to contact GDEV/Everest, their only solution was to ‘contact GDEV/Everest’ and ‘request to be opted out from the distro.’

They still have your oDesk email so the best thing to do is requesting them to remove you from the list.

They may have my email, but I don’t keep contact information from employers that terminated me–and I can’t find any way to contact them through O-Desk either.

I do not particularly want to report the entire organization for spamming but I don’t see that I have any other option at this point.

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