Birthday Parties, Family, and Ford Focus(es)

(not to mention Enterprise car rental, which made my attendance at the birthday party possible). On November 2, 2011 my aunt turned 80. On November 5 her family (my cousins) threw a big party for her in Chelan, Washington where she lives. I had seen my aunt in August when she came to Bend for… Continue reading Birthday Parties, Family, and Ford Focus(es)

Tales of a (Wanna Be) Landlady

I have been trying to rent out a bedroom/bathroom in my house for the last couple of months. My first ad on Craigs List had expired so on June 22, 2011 I posted it again I’d barely got done posting it before there was a response from someone ‘wanting more information about the room.’… Continue reading Tales of a (Wanna Be) Landlady

Room For Rent (Bend, OR) $350.00

After 6 months of cleaning, throwing away stuff, and moving stuff into storage my second bedroom and bathroom are finally ready to rent out.

Craigs List Job Scams

Hello, Thank you for emailing us in regards to the available job opening. Good news, we would like to setup an interview with you! As an employee, the responsibilities of this position are as follows: You will be working alongside our current marketing team and helping them with administrative duties and Feedback Reports. Feedback Reports… Continue reading Craigs List Job Scams

In Search Of….Foster’s Dinette

So I’ve been going through boxes of clippings and photos that I found in the storage area. Most are of people and places I don’t know, but a few are quite intriguing. Foster’s Dinette, a restaurant that was formerly in the Bales Midtowner or Midtown Shopping Center in Beaverton Oregon, is one of these intriguing… Continue reading In Search Of….Foster’s Dinette

Who’s The One That Makes No Sense?

Quite possibly We ought not have overlooked my meds today nonetheless what you are saying makes simply no sense. I’ll tell you who is not making sense and it is this commenter (hereinafter to be referred to as the ‘spamming idiot’) How would a spamming idiot from Bucharest Romania have any clue about an internet… Continue reading Who’s The One That Makes No Sense?

Now This Person is Beyond STUPID

While I have to disagree on a little bit of the info, but this was a great post. I look forward to looking at more of your posts. the post in question is totally nostalgic and totally feeling-oriented except for a few FACTS: the Pine Tavern (a full service restaurant in Bend, Oregon) DOES have… Continue reading Now This Person is Beyond STUPID

Hmmm I Guess Bend Broadband Moved to THE NETHERLANDS!!

How could you be so sure about what you’re saying, i know for a fact that you’re wrong especially in the first section of your post, try Google and you see where you at fault. How does some intelligence challenged and very rude person from THE NETHERLANDS know anything at all about a internet service… Continue reading Hmmm I Guess Bend Broadband Moved to THE NETHERLANDS!!

Bank of The Cascades Website …….

I check out the Bank of The Cascades career listings on their website at least once a week. Tonight was absolutely ludicrous though; there are three openings in my town and two of them they are no longer accepting applications for (the third one I am not even close to being qualified for). The other… Continue reading Bank of The Cascades Website …….

Job Nab and Career Network… REALLY DO NOT BOTHER!!

“Dear Suellen, I saw the resume you recently posted online and noticed that you’re looking for something in Administrative Support. I work with several companies in your area that are trying to fill Administrative Support positions and would like to get your resume in front of them. To get started, go to and fill… Continue reading Job Nab and Career Network… REALLY DO NOT BOTHER!!