Grumble Growl Bitch Whine and Moan (LOL)

Description: Yes, I am grumbling, growling, bitching, whining, and moaning tonight. You ask why? I am seriously frustrated with my roommate (lets just call him Andrew like I did in this post: Today’s installment of frustration came when I discovered that I was storing cookie sheets in the oven. As the oven is rarely… Continue reading Grumble Growl Bitch Whine and Moan (LOL)

Adventures in Roommate Land

Well, it appears that my new roommate (lets call him Andrew–not his real name) is passive-aggressive and a liar. Can I pick em or what? And this man had excellent references! Adventures in Lawn Care Clear back in July when he came to look at the house, it was mentioned that the *park manager* wanted… Continue reading Adventures in Roommate Land

HardHats and Packrats

And I’m a poet and I know it, my toes show it, they’re Longfellows. (silly rhyme from childhood) I’m indulging myself in a bit of nostalgia and sadness today. I was cleaning out the carport (or getting started on it anyway — now that the upright freezer is gone there’s a lot more room for… Continue reading HardHats and Packrats