My Bed is a NO FLY ZONE……but

I just simply cannot convince the resident cats of 2 salient facts 1) It is MY bed, not theirs. I read on Facebook that wherever a cat chooses to sleep belongs to the cat, not to the staff. 2) Now if I could convince the little darlings (13 pounds and 20 pounds respectively) of number… Continue reading My Bed is a NO FLY ZONE……but

If Your Comment is NOT Relevant…….

Hey, I’m havin a tough time attempting to rank well for the keyword “kokomo dentist”… PLEASE approve my comment!! My blog is not a vehicle for people to use to rank up their keywords. I approve comments based on their relevance to the post being commented on. The comment quoted above was left on my… Continue reading If Your Comment is NOT Relevant…….

The Acrobatic Cat

Percy, the cat whose picture is below this post, has all of a sudden turned into a high wire act. He started his preparation for his new career in the master bedroom; he would jump on the dresser, walk across the top of the dresser, jump to the bookshelf (slightly higher up than the dresser),… Continue reading The Acrobatic Cat

Adventures in Health Care

Back on July 26, 2010 I had a massive coughing/allergy attack. I coughed so hard I nearly threw up not just once but twice. A friend suggested that I steam my sinuses which eased things a lot, and then I took a Benadryl Allergy KapGel which knocked me out. The next morning I wasn’t coughing… Continue reading Adventures in Health Care

Adventures in Toilet Land

Those of you that read my post about Dream House (HGTV Are You Listening) will remember that I have toilet issues. Specifically: 1) I’d love to have working toilets. 1a) The one in the second bathroom flushes when I take the lid off the tank and pull something (don’t ask me what). The piece… Continue reading Adventures in Toilet Land

Do You Have Any DECENT Furniture?

Well my mother was just on a roll last night. First off, I have to call her every Wednesday and Sunday–last night was Sunday night. So I try 3 times to call her and got a busy signal each time. I have to admit this made me mad since we have this standing ‘date’ and… Continue reading Do You Have Any DECENT Furniture?