Tales of a (Wanna Be) Landlady

I have been trying to rent out a bedroom/bathroom in my house for the last couple of months. My first ad on Craigs List had expired so on June 22, 2011 I posted it again http://bend.craigslist.org/roo/2456521208.html I’d barely got done posting it before there was a response from someone ‘wanting more information about the room.’… Continue reading Tales of a (Wanna Be) Landlady

Now There’s a Job I Won’t Even Apply For

http://www.i-dont-think-so.com/?p=439 I’d rather dance around on the street corner advertising Little Caesars Pizza than apply for this job! So here I was feeling sorry for the Bend Parks and Recreation employees that get to clean up the goose shit (http://www.i-dont-think-so.com/?p=603) when I found this job description from that selfsame Bend Parks and Recreation. After finding… Continue reading Now There’s a Job I Won’t Even Apply For