MeThinks I Ain’t The One Spouting BS!!

In today’s market we have to ‘get out there’. I too often see people who I call secret agents sitting and playing the waiting game and these are the ones complaining saying the economy has ruined their business. B.S. I say. Get off your arse and get out of your comfort zone. And I say… Continue reading MeThinks I Ain’t The One Spouting BS!!

Bend Broadband SUCKS!

I cannot begin to count the ways in which I think my local cable/internet/telephone provider sucks. Their customer service people, particularly in the billing department, are rude and incompetent. They are in my honest opinion also as useless as tits on a boar. Their prices are literally outrageous, but I guess when you have no… Continue reading Bend Broadband SUCKS!

Dish Network, the Cop, and MOI

So I haven’t watched TV in a week or two, real life has been getting in the way.  I decided one night last week that I wanted to watch HGTV so I grab the remote in the bedroom, push SAT and then push TV —- all I get is ‘please wait’ and scrolling messages across… Continue reading Dish Network, the Cop, and MOI