A Request For Help

It never rains but it pours is a saying here in the USA. First one of my online jobs has been on hold since May 17, 2013. Second, my roommate gave 30 days notice on June 9, 2013 which coincidentally was also the same day my last online job went on hold–with no warning at… Continue reading A Request For Help

Unemployment Blues Revisited

I finally went and got my snail mail this evening. I found out about the ‘problem’ with my unemployment check Thursday evening long after the Oregon State employment department offices had closed for the day. I had already checked my mail on Thursday before finding out about the ‘problem’ and there was no letter from… Continue reading Unemployment Blues Revisited

What Exactly Was the Point of EVEN Putting an Email Address in the Ad?

Yesterday evening (February 24, 2010) I sent a resume via email to a local company.  Today I got a response which left me totally shaking my head over more than just one issue with this company. “Thank you for your interest in the Inbound Computer/Phone Tech Support position.  Please come to the center at 501… Continue reading What Exactly Was the Point of EVEN Putting an Email Address in the Ad?

So my first blog entry………

AFLAC….a reputable company.  Yes. One of its local representatives…..I don’t think so. This interview I was supposed to have with the to-be-unnamed Aflac representative…….was a farce from beginning to end. From the time I first emailed my resume to him, it took 12 emails over the course of 10 days to finally get an interview.  … Continue reading So my first blog entry………