Trazodone Tribulations

This story starts about 3 weeks ago, when I called the Safeway Pharmacy at 3rd and Franklin to try to refill my Trazodone prescription. Much to my surprise their automated system said that the prescription was no longer valid; I tried 5 separate times, thinking that I’d entered the prescription number incorrectly. I got the… Continue reading Trazodone Tribulations

Colonoscopies, or Adventures With DUMB People

The first person I blame for this mess is my mother. I have been whining about my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome for months now, so she suggested I ask my primary care provider (Mark Press at Mosaic Medical) about the problems. I was diagnosed with IBS at least 10 years by a doctor in… Continue reading Colonoscopies, or Adventures With DUMB People