Odesk/GDEV/Everest–Is ANYBODY listening?

An employee (Jeni Olomon) of GDEV/Everest Software (who does much of their staffing through O-desk) is repeatedly spamming me with requests to assist a customer. I call this spam because GDEV/Everest Software terminated my contract nearly 4 months ago (December 10, 2010). I feel that my personal information should have been removed from GDEV/Everest Software… Continue reading Odesk/GDEV/Everest–Is ANYBODY listening?

Safeway: The Final Straw

Since I’ve been ill (more on that in another post soon) I am lucky if I have the energy to finish more than one errand or task in a day. I pushed myself too hard last Thursday (2 doctor appointments, a trip to Albertsons, and two trips to Walmart) and ended up sleeping nearly all… Continue reading Safeway: The Final Straw

Grocery Shopping (Yep, Safeway AGAIN)

I hurt my back on Monday with a lovely 25-pound box of cat litter. So I wasn’t too excited about shopping yesterday to begin with, and my back was hurting by the time I got to the checkout line. Yesterday evening I went to Safeway to stock up on things that the food stamp card… Continue reading Grocery Shopping (Yep, Safeway AGAIN)

Saint Vincent De Paul aka SVDP or Adventures in Stupidity

A little over a month ago I went to my local Saint Vincent De Paul offices because I’d been told they could help with space rent.  They stopped helping with rent several months ago but they failed to notify Neighbor Impact of that tiny little unimportant fact. So I got a food box from them… Continue reading Saint Vincent De Paul aka SVDP or Adventures in Stupidity

Food Stamps Blues Redux

I now have proof that the oh-so-charming young man referenced in the original food stamps blues post went out of his way to humiliate and embarrass me in front of other customers for whatever sick reason his tiny little mind could make up. I went shopping today knowing that I only had around $19.30 left… Continue reading Food Stamps Blues Redux

Dish Network, the Cop, and MOI

So I haven’t watched TV in a week or two, real life has been getting in the way.  I decided one night last week that I wanted to watch HGTV so I grab the remote in the bedroom, push SAT and then push TV —- all I get is ‘please wait’ and scrolling messages across… Continue reading Dish Network, the Cop, and MOI

Fun in the Burger King Drive Thru

I often go to Burger King for breakfast.  And lately I’ve been getting the sausage biscuits because they are much cheaper than the sausage crossain’wiches — and also they are just sausage and a biscuit. No cheese, no egg…..and with borderline high cholesterol I don’t need the cheese OR the egg. Funny isn’t it how… Continue reading Fun in the Burger King Drive Thru