Really Really Sucks!!

Resume Status: Public Employer Views: 0 Last Modified 7/13/2010 Please explain 4 emails and 2 phone calls from employers that say they saw/found my resume on Monster. There have been ZERO views to the stated resume, because it was never activated by yours truly. What we have here is either a scammy job site or… Continue reading Really Really Sucks!!

Monster is Really Starting to Get on My Nerves

A virus has been found in the Word resume you chose to attach to our database. Therefore, it has not been attached. Fortunately, we were able to convert the text from your Word resume into simple HTML text and, along with any searchable information you submitted, that information is currently saved as your resume in… Continue reading Monster is Really Starting to Get on My Nerves

Unemployment Blues

I go to check my bank account (which mind you has been looking pretty sad for a long time anyway) and I notice that my next to last unemployment check (which should have been direct deposited last night) isn’t there. My first thought is oh shit the cap on the Oregon Emergency Benefits extension was… Continue reading Unemployment Blues