Doorknobs Revisited After a few days of swearing, blocking the door closed with everything under the sun, and seriously threatening to take the door completely off its hinges (and then run over it with my 2000 Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck 3-4 times for good measure), the end result is that I am opening and closing the… Continue reading Doorknobs Revisited

Adventures in Toilet Land

Those of you that read my post about Dream House (HGTV Are You Listening) will remember that I have toilet issues. Specifically: 1) I’d love to have working toilets. 1a) The one in the second bathroom flushes when I take the lid off the tank and pull something (don’t ask me what). The piece… Continue reading Adventures in Toilet Land

Food Stamp Blues

Now I didn’t like applying for food stamps very much, but that is NOT why I am singing the blues about them.  On the contrary, the process of applying, getting approved, and getting my EBT card was pretty painless. My first shopping trip with the EBT card on the other hand was embarrassing and humiliating. … Continue reading Food Stamp Blues