Short-Sighted, Stupid, and Insensitive

The Oregon Department of Transportation (hereafter referred to as ODOT) has outdone themselves, and not in a good way. First off, if it really did cost $7500.00 a month for cleaning and maintenance –which I doubt– why did they not ever try to outsource the job to a private cleaning and maintenance service? Even… Continue reading Short-Sighted, Stupid, and Insensitive

Adventures in Health Care

Back on July 26, 2010 I had a massive coughing/allergy attack. I coughed so hard I nearly threw up not just once but twice. A friend suggested that I steam my sinuses which eased things a lot, and then I took a Benadryl Allergy KapGel which knocked me out. The next morning I wasn’t coughing… Continue reading Adventures in Health Care