Blog Theme

I get lots of questions about the theme of this blog. Mostly people want to know where I got it; its a Word Press theme called DFBlog Theme (1.1.5) by It is a free Word Press theme ( I like it because its clean and uncluttered, with a neutral color.

Facebook Fan Page Now Live!!

Several previous commenters have asked why I don’t have a Facebook fan page. I figured that my link to my personal Facebook wall was good enough. But then I realized that there are people who would be more interested in updates to the blog on Facebook rather than my personal blatherings and ramblings on my… Continue reading Facebook Fan Page Now Live!!

Once A Day Every Day All Day Long

While I was cleaning house yesterday, I found one of my early attempts at making a Christmas ornament. At the time I made it I felt it was inadequate and not pretty (maybe even ugly) and definitely not perfect; however, when I found it several years later (yesterday) I was blown away by how absolutely… Continue reading Once A Day Every Day All Day Long

Craigs List #2