Thank You Ever So Much (NOT!!)

Thank you ever so much for making my yard sale a complete and total financial disaster. I guess you just had to schedule your move into your house (across the street from me) on the very same day that there was a very well-publicized park-wide yard sale. I will grant you that the yard sale… Continue reading Thank You Ever So Much (NOT!!)

Only been doing this for over 2 years now

“look in the employment section of your new paper or go to the unemployment office they will help you look for work all so are go around the grocery stores in restaurants in fill out a application,” Thanks for the condescending comment. I call it condescending because since April 2009 I have applied for 332… Continue reading Only been doing this for over 2 years now

Room For Rent (Bend, OR) $350.00

After 6 months of cleaning, throwing away stuff, and moving stuff into storage my second bedroom and bathroom are finally ready to rent out.

Craigs List Job Scams

Hello, Thank you for emailing us in regards to the available job opening. Good news, we would like to setup an interview with you! As an employee, the responsibilities of this position are as follows: You will be working alongside our current marketing team and helping them with administrative duties and Feedback Reports. Feedback Reports… Continue reading Craigs List Job Scams

Sincere Thanks to the State of Oregon…….

……for hiring people who cannot read their own forms and will not listen to their own clients. I went to the self-sufficiency office today to turn in my re-certifications for food benefits and health insurance benefits. The form in question clearly stated that if you answered YES to part of question one (did you still… Continue reading Sincere Thanks to the State of Oregon…….