Only been doing this for over 2 years now

“look in the employment section of your new paper or go to the unemployment office they will help you look for work all so are go around the grocery stores in restaurants in fill out a application,” Thanks for the condescending comment. I call it condescending because since April 2009 I have applied for 332… Continue reading Only been doing this for over 2 years now

Craigs List Job Scams

Hello, Thank you for emailing us in regards to the available job opening. Good news, we would like to setup an interview with you! As an employee, the responsibilities of this position are as follows: You will be working alongside our current marketing team and helping them with administrative duties and Feedback Reports. Feedback Reports… Continue reading Craigs List Job Scams

Job Nab and Career Network… REALLY DO NOT BOTHER!!

“Dear Suellen, I saw the resume you recently posted online and noticed that you’re looking for something in Administrative Support. I work with several companies in your area that are trying to fill Administrative Support positions and would like to get your resume in front of them. To get started, go to and fill… Continue reading Job Nab and Career Network… REALLY DO NOT BOTHER!!

Resume Doctor…..Don’t Bother.

“How is your job search going? Recently, you signed up to – as part of your membership, we would like to offer you a complimentary evaluation of the MS Word resume that you uploaded. If you’re interested, please click here and we would be happy to take a look at it:” So I clicked… Continue reading Resume Doctor…..Don’t Bother.

Truth In Advertising

I get this lovely email from today. “617 headhunters want your resume” Yeah, right.  What it means is wants your $49.99 (minimum) to buy a pig in a poke. Or you can get automatic redistribution in 30 days for another $29.00 (the $49.99 only covers sending out your resume once), a confidential email… Continue reading Truth In Advertising

Telemarketers……..Really Really SUCK!!

Friday afternoon (April 23, 2010) I was taking a nap when the phone (landline) rang. Now normally I let the fax machine beep scare off any callers on that line, but since I’ve started sending out resumes and applications I thought perhaps one of the places I contacted wanted to set up an interview. I… Continue reading Telemarketers……..Really Really SUCK!!