Only been doing this for over 2 years now

“look in the employment section of your new paper or go to the unemployment office they will help you look for work all so are go around the grocery stores in restaurants in fill out a application,”

Thanks for the condescending comment. I call it condescending because since April 2009 I have applied for 332 (thats right THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO) jobs.

I check the local newspaper (not new paper, learn how to spell please) every single Sunday and usually 2-3 times a week besides that Sunday check. I check all the job boards I belong to (Snag a Job, Career Builders, Monster, Indeed,, etc) regularly. I check job listings on Craigs List at least once a week. I check job postings at my local hospital at least twice a week. I go to the employment office (its called the EMPLOYMENT office or WorkSource, not the UNEMPLOYMENT office) at least once a week.

So if you have some suggestions that aren’t things I am already doing–and have been doing for literally YEARS now– feel free to submit another comment. Otherwise, keep your fingers off your keyboard because your comment is misspelled, poorly punctuated, rude, condescending, and insulting!

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