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Well well well. Been a long time since I updated this blog with my crazy life, almost 2 years if you don’t count the post I just did about getting organized. In September 2019 I left my job at Market of Choice to go to Consumer Cellular. Let’s just say Consumer Cellular was a bad… Continue reading Update

Interesting Year So Far

January was okay. No major bumps in the road, healthwise everything seemed to be okay after the A1C scare and a couple of really high blood pressure readings. February on the other hand sucked the big one. 1) Sick almost the entire month between stomach flu and viral bronchitis. I missed about 3 weeks of… Continue reading Interesting Year So Far

Yearly Update

I didn’t realize that it had been nearly a YEAR since my last post. Time freaking flies when you have a REAL job. Yes, boys and gerbils, Suellen has been working as a checker at Safeway for slightly over 6 months now. I just got a HUGE raise too, from $9.35 per hour (just 10… Continue reading Yearly Update