Well well well. Been a long time since I updated this blog with my crazy life, almost 2 years if you don’t count the post I just did about getting organized. In September 2019 I left my job at Market of Choice to go to Consumer Cellular. Let’s just say Consumer Cellular was a bad… Continue reading Update

Yearly Update

I didn’t realize that it had been nearly a YEAR since my last post. Time freaking flies when you have a REAL job. Yes, boys and gerbils, Suellen has been working as a checker at Safeway for slightly over 6 months now. I just got a HUGE raise too, from $9.35 per hour (just 10… Continue reading Yearly Update

Life in the Atorvastatin Lane (More Medical Fun, NOT!)

Okay so Safeway makes a mistake and gives me 90 atorvastatin rather than 30 as usual. I think YIPPEE!! mostly because this means I don’t have to refill the prescription for another 3 months. Being a good little sheep of a person (most of the time) I take the medicationevery single night as I am… Continue reading Life in the Atorvastatin Lane (More Medical Fun, NOT!)

Trazodone Tribulations

This story starts about 3 weeks ago, when I called the Safeway Pharmacy at 3rd and Franklin to try to refill my Trazodone prescription. Much to my surprise their automated system said that the prescription was no longer valid; I tried 5 separate times, thinking that I’d entered the prescription number incorrectly. I got the… Continue reading Trazodone Tribulations