Life in the Flooding Lane

My roommate and I have a leak in her bathroom and bedroom (Mr Rooter tells me that the valves next to the toilet are leaking, and they wanted $661.60 to fix the leak with no guarantees that it would be fully fixed).

Mr Rooter had supposedly fixed a leak under the house 2 days before the leak in the bathroom started, for which I was charged $471.00. I borrowed $250.00 from a friend for the half down that Mr Rooter required, and still owe them $221.00.

Looking for a good plumber (preferably not one that is associated with a big plumbing chain) who would work with us (ie taking payments), as I am unemployed and my roommate is on SSI.

I am unemployed and have no money coming in (my roommate pays the space rent although it is my house).

As of May 4, we turned off the water to the entire house so that the bathroom and bedroom could be dried out.

We will be using buckets to flush the toilets, and have some drinking water in the refrigerator (also my roommate is planning on buying bottled water to drink and cook with).

Also my next door neighbor ran a hose from his house to ours so we can have water for doing dishes and flushing the toilets

However, we can’t live without showers, baths, doing laundry, etc for very long.

We may be able to get a non-plumber who has plumbing skills but we still need to have money to pay him or at least partially pay him.

I am trying to scrounge up $100.00 for a ‘down payment’ but the going is slow.

Right now the “Fix Suellen’s Plumbing Fund” sits at $40.00, because I sold a vintage camera to a local antique store yesterday

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