My Bed is a NO FLY ZONE……but

I just simply cannot convince the resident cats of 2 salient facts 1) It is MY bed, not theirs. I read on Facebook that wherever a cat chooses to sleep belongs to the cat, not to the staff. 2) Now if I could convince the little darlings (13 pounds and 20 pounds respectively) of number… Continue reading My Bed is a NO FLY ZONE……but

Sh*t On a Shingle!

The spammers are at it again, and I am sure this one thought I’d be offended. Or maybe he/she/it thinks I have virgin ears and will just lose my mind over his expletive. That is presuming that he/she/it can think at all which is highly unlikely–you have to have at least ONE brain cell to… Continue reading Sh*t On a Shingle!