So my first blog entry………

AFLAC….a reputable company.  Yes.

One of its local representatives…..I don’t think so.

This interview I was supposed to have with the to-be-unnamed Aflac representative…….was a farce from beginning to end.

From the time I first emailed my resume to him, it took 12 emails over the course of 10 days to finally get an interview.   He never specified where the interview would be until almost 11:00 pm on the night before the interview was scheduled, and that was after having to email him yet again to confirm that the interview had even been set up in the first place.

So finally I have the interview confirmed and instructions on how to get there.  I get up early, shower, wash my hair, all the normal “getting ready for an interview” types of things.  At 2:30 pm I leave to go to the interview (which was at 3:00 pm).

First off he also never told me that the office was on the second floor.  I find it anyway, but it doesn’t matter since the office was locked and dark.  I thought maybe I had the wrong office, so I wandered around and found someone who told me “oh no, you were at the right office the first time around.”

I go back up to the second floor, office is still dark and locked.  I sit on the stairs in oh 90 degree heat waiting for Andre to show up.  He never showed up.  He never called me.  He never emailed me.

Am I impressed with Andre?  ………. I DON’T THINK SO.

Will I apply for another job with AFLAC?……..I DON’T THINK SO.

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