Mother Redux

My mother actually called the police here in Bend when I didn’t pick up the phone or return her phone calls.

I was out getting dinner (there will be a blog post about that in a bit too) and almost hit the police car when I pulled into my street.

Good thing the speed limit inside the park is only 10 miles an hour or I’d have even more problems than before I left to get my dinner (not to mention I would get a ticket for driving uninsured in addition to any tickets for excessive speed or hitting the police car)

I was like, what the hell is a cop doing in MY street as most of the houses other than mine are vacant and for sale.

I parked in my carport and got out of my truck.

The cop followed me, gets out of his car, and asks me  are you Suellen?

When I answered that yes I was, he asked if I knew an Oma Miller.  She was actually on the phone with him– in his police car–at the time.  I told him to tell her I would call her as soon as I got in my house.

She also called an old friend of mine who lives here in Bend.

My friend tried to get in touch with me too.

Now I am feeling bad because  my friend probably got deafened by the fax machine beep as she only has my landline number and that’s the number where the fax machine kicks in after 7 rings.

I called my mother–only because I’d told the cop to tell her that I would call her, and knowing her she would probably call the cops again if I didn’t.

To make a long story short, I am NOT going up there to visit her unless things pick up financially (and if I get a full time job, the best I could do was leave here on a Friday after work and come home late on Sunday).

I’ve also agreed to call her twice a week–on the cell phone since I have national long distance on that plan.

I am still freaking shocked that she called the cops.

Between the Dish debacle when I called the cops and my mother calling the cops tonight, the entire Bend, Oregon police force probably thinks we are both total fruitcakes (I beg to differ in MY case ROFLMAO!!)

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