Unemployment Blues Revisited

I finally went and got my snail mail this evening.

I found out about the ‘problem’ with my unemployment check Thursday evening long after the Oregon State employment department offices had closed for the day.

I had already checked my mail on Thursday before finding out about the ‘problem’ and there was no letter from the Oregon State employment department at that time.

There was no point in getting the mail yesterday because our mail is delivered between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm, and the Oregon State employment department offices throughout the entire state were closed yesterday due to a budget furlough.

At least I don’t have to prove that I’ve been job hunting since (and I quote)

“No payment was made because of a question regarding your eligibility for a possible new claim. In order to file a new claim for you, the information we need  from you includes the employers you worked for in and outside of Oregon, including the federal government and military, within the past 24 months. Please call the office listed above with this information immediately. Continue to report as scheduled.”

This notice is dated 4/13/2010 and I filed my report on 4/11/2010.

I earned around $1350.00 total in 2009.

Oh well, will be calling them first bat out of the bucket tomorrow (Monday) and will file my last report on the old claim today (Sunday)

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  1. Did you get this resolved? Trying to assist my mother-in-law with her unemployment – she’s receiving the same exact response from the Oregon Employment Department. She’s continued applying weekly – and gets this response each time. She’s faxed and sent mail to the offices addressing her employment over the last 24 months, but obviously can’t reach anyone to assist. What do we do next?

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