Let Go….and Let God

or Buddha or Yahweh or Jehovah or whoever you believe in! I have been stressing like crazy over money, no transportation, underemployment, etc. Last night I plain hit the wall after receiving an email from Dish Network that my contract with them had been ended due to non-payment. At first my reaction was “I don’t… Continue reading Let Go….and Let God

Some Words of Wisdom to the Pokies Fool

This is NOT a forum, it is a blog. If you are intelligence-challenged enough to be copying and pasting your comments from forums to blogs, at least have the intelligence and common courtesy to edit your intelligence-challenged trashy spammy comments to say BLOG not forum. There is a major difference between a FORUM and a… Continue reading Some Words of Wisdom to the Pokies Fool

Gender Neutral

HE is not gender neutral. Gender neutral in the English language is defined as ‘phrased in such a way as to be applicable to either gender’ HE is by definition male and therefore cannot be gender neutral. Stating that HE is gender neutral is a contradiction in terms. The person being referred to as HE… Continue reading Gender Neutral