Who’s The One That Makes No Sense?

Quite possibly We ought not have overlooked my meds today nonetheless what you are saying makes simply no sense.

I’ll tell you who is not making sense and it is this commenter (hereinafter to be referred to as the ‘spamming idiot’)

How would a spamming idiot from Bucharest Romania have any clue about an internet service provider in Bend Oregon (USA) or the opinion of a customer of said internet service provider?

After all Bucharest Romania (where this spamming idiot’s IP tracks to) is 6009 miles (ONE WAY) from Bend Oregon (where this blogger lives)

And here’s the further deal, I know for a fact that this spamming idiot–and that’s a total insult to other spamming idiots–doesn’t live with me (unless she’s one of my MALE cats or has learned how to teleport herself back and forth from BEND OREGON [USA] to BUCHAREST [ROMANIA) so her stupid and rude opinion of MY feelings about MY internet service provider ‘makes simply no sense’ to use her own words against her.

Her comment is in fact one of the most nonsensical comments ever left on this blog in a year and half of posting!

Quite possibly this spamming idiot should either take way more of her medications (i wouldn’t personally mind if she was actually COMATOSE!!) or have her internet access forcibly removed due to the fact I truly believe she cannot even turn on her own computer without help from others.

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