It Wasn’t Necessary to be RUDE!!

I have several medical bills from my recent hospitalization. Shortly after I got out of the hospital I was approved for the Oregon Health Plan. I was told by the receptionist at my medical clinic that the Oregon Health Plan will go back 2 months from the date of eligibility. I was also… Continue reading It Wasn’t Necessary to be RUDE!!

Grocery Shopping (Yep, Safeway AGAIN)

I hurt my back on Monday with a lovely 25-pound box of cat litter. So I wasn’t too excited about shopping yesterday to begin with, and my back was hurting by the time I got to the checkout line. Yesterday evening I went to Safeway to stock up on things that the food stamp card… Continue reading Grocery Shopping (Yep, Safeway AGAIN)

Bend Broadband Doesn’t READ Either…..

Referring to a disgruntled FEMALE customer as HE is not the way to make points with the disgruntled female customer. While I’ve not made a big deal of my gender in prior posts here’s a word to the wise: a male wouldn’t post a topic called “Safeway and the Single Girl” nor would they describe… Continue reading Bend Broadband Doesn’t READ Either…..

Dish Network, the Cop, and MOI

So I haven’t watched TV in a week or two, real life has been getting in the way.¬† I decided one night last week that I wanted to watch HGTV so I grab the remote in the bedroom, push SAT and then push TV —- all I get is ‘please wait’ and scrolling messages across… Continue reading Dish Network, the Cop, and MOI

Adventures in Job Hunting

Today was the day I had to go to Kinko’s to print out an application for a state of Oregon¬† job, two supplemental documents, and a fax cover sheet. The plan was to get there at 8:00 am, as one of the supplemental documents had to be faxed and the deadline was today. The actuality… Continue reading Adventures in Job Hunting