Working Hard at Staying Positive

Job situation looking up. Every bit of laundry in the house is clean and dry, and every dish, piece of silverware, pot, pan, glass, etc is also clean. Insomnia is my friend. LOL. Also I can get a cheap laptop on Amazon with the Amazon gift certificates that I’ve been saving up for a new… Continue reading Working Hard at Staying Positive

Adventures in Medications

My first really bad experience with medication was back in 2006. I had been taking Effexor for several years, went off it cold turkey because I ran out and was living 200+ miles away from my former medical clinic in the Beaverton Oregon area. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that the withdrawal from Effexor… Continue reading Adventures in Medications

Mama Drama

Thanks to my friend MJR for the cool title for this rant! My mother is driving me absolutely out of my mind. First, 2 hours before my colonoscopy on May 18 2011 she calls me all bent out of shape because she can’t find phone numbers or addresses for two of our cousins (her first… Continue reading Mama Drama

I Am FED UP With Being Sick!! Some things are looking up while others have gone right into the toilet. The things that have improved: 1) I have lost 5 pounds in the last month 2) I am getting more exercise 3) I am eating a lot healthier than I was 4) My INR (a measure of how fast or slow… Continue reading I Am FED UP With Being Sick!!

Adventures in Toilet Land

Those of you that read my post about Dream House (HGTV Are You Listening) will remember that I have toilet issues. Specifically: 1) I’d love to have working toilets. 1a) The one in the second bathroom flushes when I take the lid off the tank and pull something (don’t ask me what). The piece… Continue reading Adventures in Toilet Land